Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beaded T Shirts

So Sunday a friend and I went to a larrrrrge flea market. I hadn't ever been to this one. Because it would be HOT later in the day, we went at 8 AM. Fooey! It was already hot! Much of what we wanted to look at was in full sun. Lucky for me I had a wide-brimmed straw hat. 

She wanted to look for vintage jewelry from which she makes upscaled jewelry. Her work is outstanding. I just wanted to look. I was somewhat interested in beads, like seed beads, or other interesting beads that I could sew on to T shirts or accessories after I'd painted them. But mainly I just wanted to look. 

I found the necklace of black glass that I will put on the T shirt as mentioned in the previous blog. Also I found a vintage pin which is a bit ugly but perfect for a purse I'm creating for myself. 

Later in the morning my friend gave me about 25 little bags of seed beads which she doesn't use in her art. And boy did the juices start to flow. Ideas were whirling around and I realized that everything I had beaded when I lived in Germany had sold. The bead bug has bit again. 

Below are the three T shirts painted this week.