Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Relistings today

Hey, I just found a couple items to relist in my Etsy store:

a large tulip shopping bag
a fanny pack with poppies and
a folding backpack
You can get the full descriptions at:

If you just love really large and roomy shopping bags, then the large tulip shopping bag was made just for you. It measures 45 x 50cm (18" x 20"). It holds everything. Yet it rolls up quite small and fits in your purse, just ready to go shopping.

If big bags aren't your thing then consider the fanny pack (hip bag) decorated with the popular poppies motif. It fits around your waist with a comfortable webbed band and has a roomy pouch of 10x20cm (4"x8"). Take a look. You'll like it.

Just let me say that the folding backpack is a wonderful invention. You can carry it in your hand as a pouch with a roomy pocket and a wrist strap or you can unzip it and have a medium sized backpack in which to store all your purchases. Very convenient. For sure a conversation starter. And to top it off, a really cute cat stares right back at you.

All items are hand-painted on natural cotton or natural cotton canvas. They are washable on low temp.

Shipping in one or two days and takes about 10 days to the US.

Stop on by and have a look. I bet you'll see something you'll like.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P*U*S*S*Y*F*O*O*T*S Craft Project #1 - Corner Bookmark


Materials needed:

construction paper, any color, scraps work too
old envelope
markers or watercolors, crayons
decorative stamps (optional)
stamp pad (optional)
your favorite decorations

                                                                                                  CORNER BOOKMARKS


Pix #1.  On an old envelope, in a corner that doesn't have
printing,  measure 8, 9, or 10 cm (3-4") from a corner(1)
along a side and then along the other side(2). Connect the
two dots making a triangle. Cut on the dotted line.(3)


Pix #2. Carefully open the corner of the envelope (1a) to use
as a pattern (2) or use the corner as is (1) adding
decorations to it.


Pix #3 and 4. Transfer your design or pattern to the front of the triangle of the opened bookmark. Paint and decorate it to your heart's content.


Pix #5 and 6.   Fold the decorated bookmark into a triangle and glue the overlapping pieces together. Hold for a bit or slide under a book for a few minutes. That's it. You're  done!!                                                                      


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Ready to Create or Just pussyfootin' around

 My Studio

Today, just thinking about what to blog about as I was getting my little studio ready to start painting and crafting again. And it occurred to me that you might think you have to have a whole room to work in. Alas, if I used a whole room, I wouldn't have any room left. I have carved out of a corner a little space for a summer garden fold-up table. It measures 62 x 115 cm. (Sorry I can't tell you in inches as I do not have a yardstick only a meter stick.) I found a plastic tablecloth that fits nicely. That's it! That's my studio.

When I work I want to know exactly where everything is so I have an established place on the table for brushes, paint, tools, etc. Not everyone is like this. When I am working, I don't want to stop and look for some needed item.Supplies not being used are kept in various drawers and cubby holes in the apartment.  

So think of where you might create a small 'studio' for yourself. It doesn't have to be permanent. My table is cleared for holidays and used, with an elegant tablecloth, for family dinners. It is also folded and taken with me to Art Shows. Part of developing and using creativity is working with what you have, but in new ways.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Purring or Meowing

Spent a lot of time working on my blog. I have been back and forth between Etsy and the blog trying to get a slide show embedded. I have the strip for the slide show but it doesn't slide. Yet!!  That was a meowing time, aaarrrgh! Total frustration.  I guess my computer skills will improve out of necessity.

Relisted the Bamboo/Yin Yang cosmetic bag.  28 x 18 cm (11" x 7"), natural cotton canvas;  zippered top, washable.  Just click on any picture to the right or on the link itself to go to the shop.

Visit often and by the way, thanks for visiting today.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

When creativity takes a powder...

It's been a long dry spell here. Productivity/creativity has been at a minimum for several months. My source for Art Shows and Exhibitions no longer exists. It has put me in a slump. As much as the online shop is wonderful, so is live exhibiting. I really enjoy meeting the public and showing my creations. For several months now I have been thinking about new sources for exhibiting here in Heilbronn, Germany.

So now it's almost Spring. Time for a new start. Since I will be renewing my visa in the next few days, I will ask my advisor how to get a Gewerbeschein (license) to set up a little exhibition table downtown in the Fußgängerzone (pedestrian walkway) when there are also other things going on that bring more people in to town. Getting things done here, in the bureaucracy, is like playing chess or jumping through hoops. It can be done but it takes perseverance. So off to the Rathaus tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Beginnings or Purring again

After five years, it is time to blog again. This time with a different slant. After a bit of catching up from then til now on this site and some redecorating, it will be devoted to creative arts. Mine and others. There is a lot to learn  and it will take a bit of time but it will happen. Come back again to see what new things have been added. And, by the way, thanks for visiting this site.