Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July

July 4th always gave our household a great feeling of celebration.

It was midway through our summer vacation and just when things were getting boring, boom!, came July 4. Our family, plus Mom's sisters and their families, and sometimes the more extended family of cousins twice removed etc would all get together at Stony Lake for a huge pot luck picnic. After the food was gone and the visiting done, we all headed to our favorite 'secret spot' with hundreds of others to watch the FiReWoRkS!! As a kid these seemed pretty anticlimactic after all the build-up hype. They were over in 20 min or so and it took much longer than that to get out of the traffic jam and to get home. 

And then there was Mom's birthday. The story goes that she was born on July 4, 1913 in the kitchen of their house. BUT the doctor was PO'd that he had to deliver a baby on July 4 so he didn't file the birth certificate til several days later.  She eventually got it changed to her rightful birthday and we, plus the entire populace of the US, celebrated her birthday on the nation's holiday ever since. She never failed to remind us of that fact either. Hahaha!

I am looking forward to seeing fireworks on 4th of July for the first time in many years. I hear that Gulfport has magnificent fireworks. I'm already planning my 'secret' spot from which to watch. Probably will have to get there early though.

My new July 4th cards:

Using wet-on-wet technique for a softer look
Fireworks at night; wet-on-wet


Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey there, I love the 4th of July too and am looking forward to a picnic and fireworks too. Your 4th of July cards are lovely.

Pussyfoots said...

Thanx so much!