Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday

Where has this week gone? Just flew by. I spent yesterday knitting a rasta hat for a Christmas gift. I am enclosing the link to  to Tail Spinner's pattern.

Here are the few changes I made:

1) I forgot and did a  K2P2 rib. Don't think it made any difference.
2) I worked to end of Row 45 before I decided it was big enough.
3) At the end, when I had to switch to double points for the crown, I had to use the #5mm/#8US, as I didn't have a small enough #10.5US circular.
4) The ribbing was a bit big so I single crocheted a long cord which was then run every two stitches (K2P2) along the inner edge of the ribbing. The cute bow feminizes the hat and will serve to help keep it on her head if it is too big.

Otherwise I used the pattern as is with Lion Brand Homespun yarn in color 404 Lagoon.

The left side with bow about eyebrow height.

The right side.

Detail of cord around ribbing. You can't even see it. Just looks like a bow was placed there. 
I am very happy with the outcome of this project and I hope the recipient likes it too.