Friday, December 03, 2010

Finally Friday

Just finished sewing and decorating the cutest little jeans purse, for a young girl who is just starting to carry purses. This is a custom piece which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, collaborating with her grandmother all the way through. It's about 9" x 7" just big enough to still be sweet.

 The lining is two small hankies sewn together to make a pocket, then hand stitched around the top. 

 There was just enough hankie left to hem along the
one side and tie to the back belt loop in a bow.
Sweetness , don't you think?

The back pockets are functional as are the ones in front. This pair of baby jeans is about a 1 yr old size.


Here are a couple of detail shots: 

Left front pocket. She has a black cat and the flowers
are from the lining material. A bit of glitter around the

 The pink teardrop beads are upcycled from an old necklace. Some beads are clear and some are not.
They are so delicate and add a bit of femininity.                                                                                  

Hope you enjoy, Pussyfoots =^.^=


Lee Ann said...

That is too stinkin' cute!

Pussyfoots said...

The g'mom just loved it and says she probably can't wait til Christmas to give it to her g'dtr. The mom like it too. Decorated differently and with a chain handle or no handle it would also make a stylish evening clutch bag for someone sassy. Maybe I'll get back into sewing again, esp with the 'new' old machine purring along so well. =^.^=

Crystal said...

adorable! Love the bow.