Thursday, March 04, 2010

When creativity takes a powder...

It's been a long dry spell here. Productivity/creativity has been at a minimum for several months. My source for Art Shows and Exhibitions no longer exists. It has put me in a slump. As much as the online shop is wonderful, so is live exhibiting. I really enjoy meeting the public and showing my creations. For several months now I have been thinking about new sources for exhibiting here in Heilbronn, Germany.

So now it's almost Spring. Time for a new start. Since I will be renewing my visa in the next few days, I will ask my advisor how to get a Gewerbeschein (license) to set up a little exhibition table downtown in the Fußgängerzone (pedestrian walkway) when there are also other things going on that bring more people in to town. Getting things done here, in the bureaucracy, is like playing chess or jumping through hoops. It can be done but it takes perseverance. So off to the Rathaus tomorrow.