Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Ready to Create or Just pussyfootin' around

 My Studio

Today, just thinking about what to blog about as I was getting my little studio ready to start painting and crafting again. And it occurred to me that you might think you have to have a whole room to work in. Alas, if I used a whole room, I wouldn't have any room left. I have carved out of a corner a little space for a summer garden fold-up table. It measures 62 x 115 cm. (Sorry I can't tell you in inches as I do not have a yardstick only a meter stick.) I found a plastic tablecloth that fits nicely. That's it! That's my studio.

When I work I want to know exactly where everything is so I have an established place on the table for brushes, paint, tools, etc. Not everyone is like this. When I am working, I don't want to stop and look for some needed item.Supplies not being used are kept in various drawers and cubby holes in the apartment.  

So think of where you might create a small 'studio' for yourself. It doesn't have to be permanent. My table is cleared for holidays and used, with an elegant tablecloth, for family dinners. It is also folded and taken with me to Art Shows. Part of developing and using creativity is working with what you have, but in new ways.


Lost in Translation said...

So were you able to get the permit?