Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOAK!!!! Really!! No More!! LOL

Really!! This bracelet took over 10 hours to make. Sure it's the first one but I can't see shaving more than 2-3 hours off over time. I did it for me as a challenge to see what I could come up with. No books, no patterns, just my brain, eyes and hands. I'm happy with the results but certainly not practical for me to make to sell.

#28 wire, #5 double pointed knitting needles and the finished wire mesh
#26 wire to bind the edges. The mesh rectangle was unstable and wouldn't have supported beading without this edge. 

Wire mesh rectangle with finished edge

Let the beading begin. End clasps have been added already

Finished bracelet; about 7 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide

Gold earwires wrapped in silver with dangle to match bracelet


Kath said...

Turned out great and It looks like it was a lot of work!

Bethany said...

I make knitted, beaded wire jewelry, although my technique is a bit different. Try stringing beads on the wire before you start and adding them as you go. It might cut down on your time a bit.

Anyway, very pretty work!

Deni said...

Wow! that is amazing! Guess the asking price would be pretty high! looks wonderful though!

Lost in Translation said...

If you find the buyers the demand is there and people will pay for quality handwork.

Pussyfoots said...

Thanx everyone.
@Bethany: I was just practicing the knitting of the wire as I hadn't done it before. Normally I would add the beads before I would knit. Since the knitting turned out better than I had anticipated I decided to add the beads at the end.
I wore it today and it is a bit big for me so the clasp didn't stay closed. I'll have to reconfigure it tomorrow.

Sissy Sparrows said...

It really is a piece of's always difficult to try and be original, for fill our creativeness whilst trying to make an earning....seems impossible at times. But you should be really proud of your bracelet.