Sunday, March 20, 2005

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

It's been a long few weeks. It seems as if there is a stalemate now. Each side is entrenched in its own propaganda and agenda. Neither seems willing to move. While it is true that the Syrian troops are moving East. They aren't going east enough to satisfy most Lebanese. They aren't going across the border for the most part. And the president is still a Syrian puppet.

Finally the Lebanese have come out of the closet, so to speak, and are standing up publically to voice their opinions about Syria. This rebirth of democracy, I've been told it is a rebirth and not a birth, is really difficult. The opposition party has a stated list of demands that they want enacted before they will come to the table for talks. The pro-Syrian President E. Lahoud has, I believe, returned the demands. Heels are being dug in. Now with the second car bombing who knows.

One person here has said this is the way to get division going in the country. He may be right. That could be the way to war. Let's hope not. Some idiot kids in the street right by my window just shot of a round of firecrackers, just as I typed the word war. Man, I jumped a mile.

Then there's the question of Hizbollah. Here it is more like an armed political party. Many MPs are from the Hizbollah. Seems like there could be a way for Hizbollah and the Lebanese army to merge, thus making Hizbollah seem more legitimate in international eyes. I know America has a hard-on about Hizbollah. But living here under the Syrial control and the threat of Israeli invasion gives new meaning to protection. Yes, Hizbollah has acted with Syrians. Now they will have to choose - Syrian control or become truly Lebanese (as they are by birth).

It's a little more tense now than for the first four weeks after Hariri's murder. It's a wonder there hasn't been more violence. Humdallah! Thank God!

Next weekend is the Christian Easter here, too, and we will have Fri/Mon off school. We've worked 2 Sat. now to make up part of the 7 lost days. Two more to go in April. While I enjoy vacation, and the weather is nice, I would prefer to work and make up the other days. But no one asked me. I will go to Beirut for a few of the days and come back up to Aley on Easter. Monday, if the weather is nice, maybe I'll go to the beach. I'll have to schedule a driver and they don't like taking us around on days off.


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