Monday, November 29, 2010

Where have I been?

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Let's see---May was a drizzler of a month; 25+ days of rain and coolish weather. I decided then and there to relocate to the USA - Florida to be exact. Once that decision was made, lots of details had to be taken care of. My good friend Silvia helped me with paperwork and contract cancellation, etc. I had to give 3 months notice to everyone to avoid penalties. OK, that done I then had to sort through 5 years accumulation to give away or throw away.

In the middle of the summer, I had company for two weeks. I worked hard before and after but relaxed and enjoyed the time they were there. Did a lot of visiting and eating out. It was the only two weeks of hot weather we had. Just after the company left it turned cool and rainy. Not every day but...

August was really busy. It was like tilting a line of dominoes. One thing right after another. It had to be this way so that I could still cook and have a place to sleep. All went well and then on Aug 30 three different agencies came and took it all away. I spent the next 3 nights with Silvia and on Sept 2, she and her husband took me to Frankfurt to board the plane.

I stayed with my brother for 5 weeks until I could find an apartment. Now I live in the middle of the Art District in Gulfport Florida. I can show my art twice a month or more. It is a fun, touristy area with a great Senior Center. I can be as busy as I want, there are so many interesting things to do.

Now I'm caught up and can get back to posting about creating.


Lee Ann said...

Glad to see you're back. :-)

Lost in Translation said...

I think we need apartment tour pics :P

Pussyfoots said...

Apartment is still in a state of becoming. Just when I think I have it ready enough to photo, my brother brings another box of Mom's things for me to sort through and figure out where I'm going to put stuff. I need another storage container, like a bookcase only wider. So be patient a bit longer. 8-)